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Raising the bar for hassle-free travel with Shampoo bars

For all the joy that travelling brings, there are the little annoyances that bring even the most glamorous frequent flyers back down to earth. You know the things that we’re talking about. You excitedly arrive at an airport departure gate only to be told that your toiletries are over the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) limits, forcing you to bin them. Or, after a long flight, you’ve finally reached your destination. Your hair is dry. Your clothes and luggage are soaked – with sham

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Hemp Food Wraps: Sustainable Food Covering As A Substitute For Plastic

They didn’t want to concentrate on products she felt were already being done, like oil and protein powder. So she chose something that would stand out – hemp beeswax food wraps. Available in funky retro tie-dyed colours, they are perfect for a dinner party, you might say they really are the bees’ knees of food wraps. “We decided we wanted to have something different because we want our business to be a bit unique from everyone else, so we went ‘okay what if we dyed them and dipped them and we

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Lights Spark Joy for Kids in the South Pacific after Scouts Team up with SolarBuddy

Scouts groups assembled 1,500 lights at the 25th Australian Scout Jamboree in Tailem Bend, South Australia, in January as part of the SolarBuddy and Scouts Australia Solar Light Challenge.The first 50 were delivered the same month to children and teenagers in two villages on Vanuatu’s main island Efate by Russell Gauld, SolarBuddy Program Coordinator, and Bobby Hale, National Manager of adventure tour company On Track Expeditions. “The children, aged between 5 and 15, were absolutely delighted