"Pick my brains" - affordable media training and journalism coaching

Customised coaching

"Can I pick your brains - I want to be a freelance journalist..."

"Can I pick your brains - our charity is trying to place a story..."

Nearly every week, I'm asked for advice on these topics.

As a trained, working journalist who has lived on and reported from five continents - including from newsrooms and magazines also for news wire agencies - I've decided to start customised coaching. 


But because I'm approached by students, other freelancers, and mid-sized charities, I've decided to keep my rates affordable. 

So, if you're a journalist starting out who has a story pitch that needs to be honed and you want to know where to send it, or you're an NGO who wants to get a better idea of the types of stories that work, get in touch today on amy@amyfallon.com 

Amy landed us international coverage in The Washington Post, ABC news (US), France 24, Radio France International (RFI), Globe and Mail, broadcaster DW in Germany, news agency Inter Press Service (IPS), and more."

Philipp Straub, co-founder and chief technology officer, PROTEEN, Uganda