Amy Fallon, Freelance journalist

Amy Fallon is a journalist with nearly 15 years’ experience. After beginning her career with the Australian national news agency Australian Associated Press (AAP) in Sydney as a staff reporter, she worked in the busy newsrooms of most of the UK’s national papers, along with consumer magazines, trade publications, and others, for five years before moving to Uganda. She has also reported from other African countries, along with south and southeast Asia, for a plethora of leading outlets during the past five years. Amy is available for stringing in both news and features, and short and long-term assignments, plus communications work. She is currently studying a masters in human rights through Curtin University. She can be contacted on

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Marie Claire Australia

February 2017

The perfect wave

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Crinkling Australia

August 23 2016

Saving children from hard labour in Bangladesh

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Crinkling Australia

August 16 2016

Sun, sea, surf – and school in Bangladesh

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Crinkling Australia

August 2016

Trinity boys put their money where their mouth is (from Cambodia)

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Newspaper piece with headline

Crinkling Australia

March 2017

Telescope bring the stars to the classroom

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Crinkling Australia

June 2016

Labour of love (from Uganda)

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Crinkling Australia

May 2016

Rap, rap, rapping the news in Uganda

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Crinkling Australia

April 2016

Hoping kids swim for survival in Bangladesh

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Crinkling Australia

March 2016

A jab in time saves lives in Uganda

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What happened to the millions?

Cosmopolitan Australia

October 2013 issue

Kony 2012 18 months on

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Chatelaine magazine Canada

October 2013

Rags to Riches

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Playing chess saved my life

DOLLY magazine Australia

September 2013

Playing Chess Changed my Life (words and pics)

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Never too old to lend a hand

The Sunday Telegraph Australia

July 29 2013

Never Too Old to Lend a Hand, Body and Soul

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Chess story

The Sun-Herald Australia

April 14 2013

The right moves propel champ from slums to screen stardom

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The women facing prison for wearing a miniskirt

LOOK magazine

April 11 2013

The women facing prison for wearing a miniskirt

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Parents Canada magazine

April 2013

From Canada with love – Uganda maternal mortality feature with pics

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Selamta (Ethiopian Airlines magazine)

January / February 2015

Amid Wild Waters

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Sawubona (South African airlines magazine)

September 2014

Surprises in Kigali

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Metro UK

June 19 2014

Foraging for fashion in Uganda

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Sawubona magazine

June 2014

Uganda’s fast rides

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Beauty therapy

Frankie magazine Australia

March 2013

The beauty school for Ugandan landmine survivors

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TNT magazine

March 2014

Planes, trains and tuk-tuks – East Africa travel feature

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Feb 23 2013

Cats get the cream at coffee house that aims to milk its feline appeal

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Metro cover story

The Metro UK

January 23 2013

Meet the women changing our world for the better

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Mail & Guardian South Africa,

February 21 2014

A new spin on streetwear

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Crinkling Australia

May 3 2016

Queen of her castle
Interview with Phiona Mutesi, subject of new Disney movie

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Kiwi refloats movie history article

The New Zealand Herald

November 3 2013

Kiwi refloats movie history

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Latina magazine (US)

November 2013

On a Mission

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Face of prejudice

Grazia UK

January 21 2013

Changing the Face of Prejudice, South Africa’s Albino Models

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Changing Lives

The Sunday Telegraph Australia

January 6 2013

We’re Changing Our Lives in 2013

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Good Weekend magazine (The Sydney Morning Herald and Age)

October 5 2013

Golden Opportunity

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Hey Big Spender

ARISE magazine

Issue 17, 2012/13

Hey, Big Spender

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Secondhand gear

The Sydney Morning Herald

August 9 2012

Second-hand gear a hit out in Africa

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Bona fide rock star

The Telegraph UK

July 26 2012

‘Bona fide rock star’: Archbishop of York’s controversial evangelical preacher brother

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South Sudan

The Sydney Morning Herald

July 7 2012

Australian stories in South Sudan

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Sanitary pads in Uganda

Marie Claire South Africa

December 2011

Uganda sanitary pads story

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Marie Claire South Africa

May 2011

Dictators’ Wives feature

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FLARE magazine Canada

April 2011

Shop like a fashion editor, Royal Wedding special

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Mrs Mugabe

Marie Claire Australia

September 2010 (15th anniversary edition).

Mrs Mugabe feature

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Cosmopolitan Australia

May 2010

Meow meow (mephedrone) feature

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Marie Claire South Africa

April 2010

Interview with South African singer MPHO

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The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)

April 5 2009

I was a Bollywood extra with Kylie

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