What happened to the millions?

Cosmopolitan Australia

October 2013 issue

Kony 2012 18 months on

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Rags to riches

Chatelaine magazine Canada

October 2013

Rags to Riches

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Playing chess saved my life

DOLLY magazine Australia

September 2013

Playing Chess Changed my Life (words and pics)

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Never too old to lend a hand

The Sunday Telegraph Australia

July 29 2013

Never Too Old to Lend a Hand, Body and Soul

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Chess story

The Sun-Herald Australia

April 14 2013

The right moves propel champ from slums to screen stardom

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The women facing prison for wearing a miniskirt

LOOK magazine

April 11 2013

The women facing prison for wearing a miniskirt

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Parents Canada magazine

April 2013

From Canada with love – Uganda maternal mortality feature with pics

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New African Woman magazine

Issue 18, February / March 2013

Interview with South Africa’s first albino model Refilwe Modiselle

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Beauty therapy

Frankie magazine Australia

March 2013

The beauty school for Ugandan landmine survivors

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Feb 23 2013

Cats get the cream at coffee house that aims to milk its feline appeal

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Metro cover story

The Metro UK

January 23 2013

Meet the women changing our world for the better

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Face of prejudice

Grazia UK

January 21 2013

Changing the Face of Prejudice, South Africa’s Albino Models

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Changing Lives

The Sunday Telegraph Australia

January 6 2013

We’re Changing Our Lives in 2013

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New African Woman magazine

December 2012 / January 2013

Meet Proscovia, Africa’s youngest female MP

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Golden Opportunity

Good Weekend magazine (The Sydney Morning Herald and Age)

October 5 2013

Golden Opportunity

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A reluctant hero of Uganda's gay rights

The Independent

September 27 2012

A reluctant hero of Uganda’s gay rights

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Hey Big Spender

ARISE magazine

Issue 17, 2012/13

Hey, Big Spender

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Secondhand gear

The Sydney Morning Herald

August 9 2012

Second-hand gear a hit out in Africa

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Bona fide rock star

The Telegraph UK

July 26 2012

‘Bona fide rock star’: Archbishop of York’s controversial evangelical preacher brother

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South Sudan

The Sydney Morning Herald

July 7 2012

Australian stories in South Sudan

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Witch doctor

The Sydney Morning Herald

May 12 2012 (front page of the Saturday edition)

Tortured by a witch doctor, saved by Australian surgeons

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Male Model

Marie Claire South Africa

May 2012

Being a Male Model

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Sanitary pads in Uganda

Marie Claire South Africa

December 2011

Uganda sanitary pads story

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Teen issue

Fabulous magazine (The Sun)

August 2011

Welcome to our world (Africa case study)

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Relationship Crunch Points


August 2011

Relationship Crunch Points

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Get on board

The Australian Times

July 2011

High sea adventures on a Portuguese house boat

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First Novel

Woman magazine UK

June 2011

I read my first novel at 39 (dyslexia feature)

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Marie Claire South Africa

May 2011

Dictators’ Wives feature

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FLARE magazine Canada

April 2011

Shop like a fashion editor, Royal Wedding special

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Scent of a city

FAB Africa magazine UK

March 2011

Belinda Brown perfume feature

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Woman's Own magazine

January 2011

Mummy’s a soldier in Afghanistan

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Changed lives

Woman's Own magazine

January 2011

We changed our lives for the better

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FAB magazine

January 2011

ASOS Africa feature

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Look who came

Woman's Own magazine

December 2010

Look who came to visit, charity story

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Tim Minchin interview

The Australian Times

November 2010

Tim Minchin interview

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Dear cancer

The Daily Express

October 28 2010

‘Dear Cancer’ feature

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Mrs Mugabe

Marie Claire Australia

September 2010 (15th anniversary edition).

Mrs Mugabe feature

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Divorce parties

Cosmopolitan Australia

June 2010

Divorce parties

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Cosmopolitan Australia

May 2010

Meow meow (mephedrone) feature

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Marie Claire South Africa

April 2010

Interview with South African singer MPHO

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Whitby travel

TNT Magazine

April 2010

Whitby travel feature

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The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)

April 5 2009

I was a Bollywood extra with Kylie

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