"Amy's writing has garnered exposure for our projects in news outlets around the world. She was the rare journalist to really understand our work, to dig deeper to get the key quotes and to pursue projects to publication. She's a globe-trotting journo with a fearless, can-do attitude. You'd be lucky to know her, and even luckier to have her write about you" - Paul Falzone, executive director at Peripheral Vision International (PVI)

"Amy is a great journalist. I had the privilege to work with her on the launch of the Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator. Her work is brilliant and thanks to all the promotion this opportunity attracted over 2,000 applications" - Elisa Novoa, CIVICUS

"Amy Fallon is an editor's dream" - Megan Clement, former managing editor, Women's Advancement Deeply and Women & Girls Deeply

"I have seldom in my career worked with a journalist as systematic and meticulous as Amy. Amy is curious, a brilliant researcher and journalist with the ability to tell a compelling story of a highly technical process. I cannot recommend her enough - both as a freelance journalist or a full-time writer/researcher" - Skye Grove, group manager communicator, Right to Care and EQUIP at Right to Care

"Amy is smart as a whip, curious, asks terrific questions that get to the root of an issue and cares so deeply about the topics and people she chooses to cover. She lives and breathes her work - if only we could all be so dedicated. It's truly been a pleasure to work with Amy on several occasions. If you're lucky enough to work with her, you will absolutely feel the same way!" - Jessica Love, former vice president, communications, The Fistula Foundation

"Amy was a highly impressive journalist who was always very astute in immediately identifying the underlying crux of any story. Amy's articles did a great job of raising the profile of the Uganda refugee crisis, and was a strong advocate for the plight of refugees in Uganda. Never one to pull her punches, Amy often immediately identified the questions that were at the core of the issue" - Charlie Yaxley, media and communications officer, UNHCR

"Working with Amy was great. Her passion for youth activism is contagious. She is focused, hardworking and has a great sense of detail when presenting her work and covering stories about youth activism. Amy is the go-to person when it comes to reporting about the work of youth activists and working with youth activists" - Monique Ntumngia, founder of the Green Girls Organisation and CEO of Monafrik Energy Ltd

"Having worked with Amy in the past I can vouch for her skill, determination and ability as a journalist. She works tirelessly to shed light on vital issues and raise awareness. Above all, she is a fearless story finder who is always deeply invested in her work" - Corrie Fraser, co-founder, Kids Club Kampala