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Hello, I'm Amy Fallon, a widely-published and experienced Australian-Canadian journalist, communications and media specialist who has worked all around the world for a plethora of global media outlets and organisations. I have covered a broad range of topics but I am most interested in social justice, human rights and international development. I have worked as a staff reporter in Australia, from the newsrooms of most of the UK nationals, been a foreign correspondent in Africa and Asia, reported for newswires and magazines, done consulting for NGOs, and more. I have a masters degree in human rights. 

I have reported from the newsrooms of major newspapers and magazines around the world, but also from refugee camps, covered social movements and elections in Africa, and written about topics such as maternal mortality, LGBTQ+ rights, and literacy. I also have skills in content creation, press release writing, op-ed placement, and social media management. My passion for storytelling that drives me to seek and share stories that matter is backed up by a master's degree in human rights.

I also offer media training and coaching to organisations and individuals who want to increase their media visibility and press coverage. My coaching extends to other freelance journalists and people starting out in the industry.

Please follow me on twitter @amyfallon and contact me on